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Sigma Chi Brothers! Welcome to In Hoc Napa Valley!

Hand-crafted limited production wines made EXCLUSIVELY for The Sigma Chi Brotherhood and benefiting undergraduate brothers through academic scholarships through the Sigma Chi Foundation! Join today to secure your allocation and club seniority!

IT ALL BEGAN ... when Brandon Chaney INDIANA 1993 was pouring his Estate Cabernet Sauvignon from his Napa winery for pledge brother Jim Cunnane INDIANA 1992. It occurred to him in that moment that Sigma Chis all over the world did not have a wine specifically made for them to celebrate their brotherhood and the great history of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. 

HE ALSO REFLECTED ... on the tremendous impact Sigma Chi has had on his life – the bond of his pledge class, the memories at the Lambda chapter house, his life’s journey based on the ideals of the White Cross and the sense of being part of something bigger than himself. He wanted to give back to Sigma Chi.  

THE 1855 CLUB WAS BORN ... after Brandon shared his idea with the leadership of the Sigma Chi Foundation and Sigma Chi Fraternity, they collectively decided to introduce In Hoc Napa Valley and the Sigma Chi 1855 Club to the brotherhood and produce wines that would stand on their own for quality and pleasure. In Hoc Napa Valley celebrates the history and core values of the Sigma Chi fraternity and funds scholarships for the International Balfour Award winner and finalists.

IN HOC VINO VERITAS ... In Hoc Napa Valley is a very limited production program - so sign up today for the Sigma Chi 1855 Club to secure your future allocation, and secure seniority on the Priority Waitlist for club membership!

Membership currently at capacity.

Join the Priority Waitlist now for the March 2021 shipment of the

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In Hoc,

Brandon R. Chaney
Proprietor & CEO


“Everything we do in life – we do it to share. Sharing things together is the foundation of our brotherhood. As Sigma Chis, we can create great things in life – but if we don’t share them, it is meaningless. Nothing brings people together better than wine – with a meal, or celebration, or just enjoying with family and friends.

I am not the first Sigma Chi to own a winery in Napa Valley, but I am first to realize how important it is to share my lifelong dream – to share these very special wines and celebrate our fraternity’s brotherhood and history – to give back to Sigma Chi.

I am proud of being a Sigma Chi and feel honored to make these wines for you. I hope you will enjoy them and share them generously in the years ahead.”

The Founders - Inaugural Fall Release

It is with great pride that we present our ‘Founders Red’ as part of your inaugural 1855 Club release. 

The Founders Red Series commemorates the seven young men who wanted something better in a fraternity during their collegiate experience, and from that recognition, a dream was born – the fraternity of Sigma Chi. This wine is the first of a seven-year series.

The 2018 In Hoc “Courage” Napa Valley Founders Red is a master blend by winemaker Todd Heth. It has a beautiful core of currant, cherry, and plum fruit which makes the wine approachable now. It also has the structure to be aged, should you wish to cellar your wine and see your Founders series accumulate. The first bottling honors the courage of Founder Benjamin Piatt Runkle. 

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$75/Bottle - For 1855 Club Members Only

The second wine in the inaugural release is the 2019 In Hoc “The Sweetheart” Chardonnay, Carneros, Napa Valley. Carefully crafted from fruit of the chalky soil and cooler climate of Carneros in southern Napa Valley, this wine was aged in French oak for fourteen months and displays a beautiful balance of fruit, oak and liveliness on the palate.

The Sweetheart is the symbol for the spiritual ingredient in the brotherhood and we hope this wine will be shared amongst friends and family in the same sentiment. 

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$45/Bottle - For 1855 Club Members Only